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Catering Services


Catering and party platters are available for delivery to your home and business seven days a week. We have partnered with the best restaurants to bring you a wide range of cuisine to create the perfect meal for your special gathering, office meeting or business function.

Rest assured that:

  • Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!
  • We can work within your budget to maximize savings without compromising quality.
  • Your order will arrive on time every time.
  • Our Catering Specialists are standing by to help you plan for your event.
  • We take care of everything, leaving you free to focus on your clients and guests.

We have all of the essentials needed to complete your event including a variety of beverages, plates, napkins, utensils and serving utensils.

Office Lunches & Meetings

Save the time & hassle picking up food and bringing it to your next appointment, we'll meet you there with your customer's favorite food! You can place your order on-line, or simply call us and tell us what, where and how many people you want to feed. We take care of the rest.

We will make you look good and give you more time to make presentations and sell.

As a registered Pharm or Sales Rep on our system, you can take advantage of some special benefits - they include:

  • ProActive Program: Pre Order - Peace of Mind - Payless
  • One account for multiple delivery locations
  • Itemized receipts emailed to you
  • Priority service: On Time - Every Time
  • And more…

Group Invitation Orders

Group Invitation Ordering makes work simpler for the meeting organizer who must manage individual meal requests for a large group. The organizer sets the delivery time, restaurant, spending limits, billing account, and attendee list. The Group Ordering system generates an e-amil announcement and allows attendees to add their own meals to the order. There's no more chasing people down for their orders, and each meal arrives individually wrapped and labeled.